[NeXus-committee] Voting schedule for base classes

Peterson, Peter F. petersonpf at ornl.gov
Mon Jan 26 23:24:27 GMT 2004

As you have all noticed, the NIAC seems to have run out of steam on the NeXus standard. What I propose is two months of concentrated effort to ratify all of the existing base classes so instrument editors can start puting together definitions. The idea is to actively discuss 2-4 classes at a time for a week. Every Monday discussion of a new set will start, on Friday I will lock the swiki pages (at 5:00PM CST) and the definitions will be up for a vote due by the end of the following Monday (at 5:00PM CST). 

Here is the proposed schedule which can change if people see fit:
  now    - Jan 30: NXuser, NXsample, and NXsource
  Feb  2 - Feb  6: NXdata, NXmonitor, NXdetector, NXbeam
  Feb  9 - Feb 13: NXdisk_chopper, NXfermi_chopper, NXvelocity_selector
  Feb 16 - Feb 20: NXguide, NXcollimator, NXaperature
  Feb 23 - Feb 27: NXfilter, NXattenuator, NXpolarizer
  Mar  1 - Mar  5: NXflipper, NXmirror

So start looking at NXuser <http://www.neutron.anl.gov.:8080/NeXus/9>, NXsample <http://www.neutron.anl.gov.:8080/NeXus/10>, and NXsource <http://www.neutron.anl.gov.:8080/NeXus/14>. Remember that discussions are open to anyone, but voting is only done by members of the NIAC. I will update you as needed.

Peter Peterson
Executive Secretary, NIAC

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