[NeXus-committee] NeXus base class discussions

Hodges, Jason P. hodgesj at ornl.gov
Fri Apr 16 16:48:51 BST 2004

Dear All

I also have been worrying that the definitions are becoming far too
complicated. Given that Nexus serves two communities (instrument users &
DAS people), I think we should think of the definitions accordingly.
First we should think of the instrument definitions, classes etc for the
user, complexity should be kept to a minimum in this standard. This set
of definitions is then the core standard at that is all the average user
would ever be interested in. An expanded set of definitions can then be
standardized (for optional use) by the DAS members etc that serves
facilities needs for raw data/ data reduction needs etc. Of course it is
necessary to think of both when deciding the definitions. 

Jason Hodges

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