[NeXus-committee] PSI-proposal

Mark Koennecke Mark.Koennecke at psi.ch
Tue Apr 20 16:03:08 BST 2004


  I think the description of the PSI-proposal is bad. We do measure
  something in the detector. I call it counts, but the name is not
  important. Counts can be multidimensional and may have axis
  associated with it. This counts SDS plus axis lives in NXdetector.
  NXdata contains links to the counts SDS plus its detector. 

  The idea was that NXdata contaisn everything to plot, NXdetector
  the data plus auxiliary information for data analysis. I would find it
  inconvenient if I have to search the auxiliary data in NXdetector and
  the have to go back to NXdata to find the actual counts.

  Shall I send an example file? I have tons of files generated according
  to this scheme. 

			Best Regards,

				Mark Koennecke


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