[NeXus-committee] NeXus @ CANSAS Meeting

Akeroyd, FA (Freddie) F.A.Akeroyd at rl.ac.uk
Tue May 11 15:23:07 BST 2004

I have been asked (along with Ron Ghosh) to give an introduction and brief
summary of the current status of NeXus at the CANSAS meeting at RAL this
week, which will then lead into a general discussion on data formats
relevant to small angle scattering. Looking back over the last year I came
up with the following list as a basis for recent developments - is there
anything I have missed or should also be mentioned?



Recent NeXus Developments

* NeXus advisory committee formed and met September 2003
  - agreed some of the basic classes and conventions
  - minutes available on the web 
* NeXus instrument editors chosen 
  - see list below 

* Discussion and voting on base classes on NeXus SWIKI 
  - Good progress so far; will be completed by end of May 2004
  - instrument editors will then begin work on their respective definitions

* New and updated applications
  - NXdir
  - NXvalid

* Updates to NeXus API installation kit
  - rpm
  - autotools

* Updates to NeXus API functionality
  - NXopenpath

* Forthcoming API releases
  - version 2.1.0 early summer 2004?

Current Instrument editors

Time-of-Flight Neutron Powder Diffractometer (NXtofnpd)
 Peter Peterson, SNS ORNL (petersonpf at ornl.gov)

Monochromatic Neutron/X-ray Powder Diffractometer (NXmononxpd)
 Ralph Gilles, FRM2 TUM (ralph.gilles at frm2.tum.de)

Time-of-Flight Neutron Single Crystal Diffractometer (NXtofnscd)
  None Currently

Monochromatic Neutron/X-ray Single Crystal Diffractometer (NXmononxscd)
 Ralph Gilles, FRM2 TUM  (ralph.gilles at frm2.tum.de)

Time-of-flight Neutron Small Angle Scattering Diffractometer (NXtofnsas)
 Steve King, ISIS RAL (s.m.king at rl.ac.uk)

Monochromatic Neutron/X-ray Small Angle Scattering Diffractometer
 Ron Ghosh, ILL (ron at ill.fr)

Time-of-flight Neutron Reflectometer (NXtofnref)
 Rob Dalgliesh, ISIS RAL (r.m.dalgliesh at rl.ac.uk)

Monochromatic Neutron/X-ray Reflectometer (NXmononxref)
 Paul Kienzle, NCNR NIST (pkienzle at jazz.ncnr.gov)

Neutron/X-ray Triple-Axis Spectrometer (NXmononxtas)
 Nick Maliszewskyj, NCNR NIST (nickm at nist.gov)

Neutron Time-of-flight Direct-Geometry Spectrometer (NXtofndgs)
 Toby Perring, ISIS RAL (t.g.perring at rl.ac.uk)

Neutron Time-of-flight Inverse-Geometry Spectrometer (NXtofnigs)
 Martyn Bull, ISIS RAL (m.j.bull at rl.ac.uk)

Spin Echo (need fuller description and abbreviation)
 Robert Georgii, FRM2 TUM (robert.georgii at frm2.tum.de)

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