[NeXus-committee] NIAC meeting Grenoble 1-3 Feb 2006

Thomas Proffen tproffen at lanl.gov
Mon May 23 21:26:40 BST 2005

I have not seen any feedback on this, but meeting at the ILL/ESRF from 
Feb 1-3
works great for me - and I think it would be a great step if we could 
get some
synchrotron people to listen and participate ..

And from experience, I aldreay want to thank Ron for taking on the 

Ron Ghosh wrote:

>     Proposal for NIAC meeting Grenoble, 1-3 Feb. 2006
>I have examined possibilities of holding the next meeting
>here, and have discussed it with Andy Goetz (ESRF).  The
>meeting could start on the Wednesday morning.
>We propose a meeting 1-3 February 2006, with accommodation at
>the site guest-house (approx 28 Euros per night bed+breakfast) 
>and a contribution towards meals of about 130 Euros per person
>(3 lunches, 2 dinners, coffee etc.)
>Andy would like to attract external synchrotron observers from
>SOLEIL, Trieste, APS, etc., and I think it would be useful to
>offer a "public" presentation on one afternoon to the ESRF
>and the ILL.
>My initial estimates were for approximately 20 in total.
>Please let me have feedback, suggestions and criticisms so
>that I can plan blocking accommodation (or not) etc.
>Best regards, Ron  

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