[NeXus-committee] NeXus wiki

Ray Osborn ROsborn at anl.gov
Mon Jul 25 01:24:45 BST 2005

The NeXus Swiki is dead.  Long live the NeXus wiki!


The great virtue of a wiki is that it allows a community to maintain it
rather than depending on a single webmaster.  Up until now, if you've found
a mistake or missing content on our web site, you've had to ask me to make
the changes.  Now, you have the ability to edit the wiki immediately, as
soon as you identify a problem.

For that reason, I have duplicated the web pages on the wiki, as well as
adding discussion sections to allow new topics to be raised.  Eventually,
the wiki may replace the other web pages altogether, but that's an item for
future discussion.  In the meantime, I request that all members of the NIAC
do the following:

1) Please create a user account if you have not done so already.  When you
have done so, please identify yourself by putting your name and contact
details in your User page.  Some of you have created accounts, but I can't
tell who you are from the username.  Please read the Guidelines on the help
page at <http://www.nexus.anl.gov/mediawiki/index.php?title=Help:Contents>
for instructions.

2) Over the course of the next few weeks and months, scan through the
contents of the wiki when you have a free minute (I'm sure you have one or
two).  If you find a mistake, e.g., example code that is out of date or a
dead URL link, please correct it.  If the reason for the change is not
obvious, please add a comment in the corresponding 'Discussion' page.

3) Please look out for missing content.  Some of the more recent API
routines are not listed.  Some of the class definitions have no comments.
Some of the language bindings are not properly documented.  If you think
some of the explanations are confusing, please try to clarify them.

4) We are considering a new method of doing online voting.  As a test of
doing online discussions, please visit the page outlining this proposal at
<http://www.nexus.anl.gov/mediawiki/index.php?title=Voting> and post any
comments you may have on the 'Discussion' page.

By the way, the most convenient way of keeping track of wiki changes is to
use the automated RSS feed at
ed=rss>.  I will monitor these and transfer changes to the other web pages
on a regular basis.

I know everyone is busy, but if we all do a little bit, things should
improve rapidly.  

Best regards,

P.S. Actually, the Swiki is still online but I have removed all the links
from the other web pages.  If I have missed anything on the old Swiki that
should be transferred, please go ahead and transfer it.
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