[NeXus-committee] NIAC meeting Grenoble 1-3 Feb 2006

Ray Osborn ROsborn at anl.gov
Mon Nov 7 14:50:19 GMT 2005

On 2005/11/07 3:13, "Ron Ghosh" <ron at ill.fr> wrote:

>      Proposal for NIAC meeting Grenoble, 1-3 Feb. 2006
> In May, after discussion with Andy Goetz (ESRF) I circulated
> NIAC members with the following proposal for a meeting in Grenoble:
>                -----------------------------
> Meeting to be held meeting 1-3 February 2006, with accommodation at
> the site guest-house (approx 28 Euros per night bed+breakfast)
> and a contribution towards meals of about 130 Euros per person
> (3 lunches, 2 dinners, coffee etc.), based on 20 participants.
> We wish to attract external synchrotron observers from
> SOLEIL, Trieste, APS, etc.; it would be useful to
> offer a "public" presentation on one afternoon to the ESRF
> and the ILL.
>              --------------------------------
> There was no dissension from any member.  It would now be
> timely to confirm attendance, and ensure that external
> invitee observers have been contacted.  I would be grateful
> if most of this could be completed before the end of November
> in order to ensure the availability of rooms on site.
> Best regards, Ron

Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this.  The dates are fine by me.  My
only concern is if we should allow longer time to clear up some issues.  The
meeting in New Mexico was probably a day shorter than it needed to be so
that a lot of things were left unresolved.  Perhaps it would be worth having
the official meeting from Feb. 1-3, but precede it by a couple of days of
more informal discussion with those who have the flexibility to go for the
whole week - not an official part of the meeting, but a chance to thrash out
contentious problems before presenting it for a formal vote.

What do people think?  I will set up a Wiki page so that we can start
conmpiling an agenda.

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