[NeXus-committee] Website: html to wiki

Peterson, Peter F. petersonpf at ornl.gov
Thu Mar 30 22:49:46 BST 2006

One of the action items from the last meeting was converting the NeXus
homepage from html <http://www.nexus.anl.gov/> to wiki
<http://www.nexus.anl.gov/mediawiki/> (with a suggestion of exploring
plone as an alternative). I think that this will be easiest if it is
done as a coordinated group effort. Here is my first pass at the major
tasks to be done:
 1. Index what pages are on old site and make sure that their content is
on the new site.
 2. Update the base classes on the wiki that were modified by the
ratification of TOFRAW.
 3. Update the definitions on the cvs server to match what is on the
 4. Provide an easier means for synchronizing the definitions on the
wiki with those in cvs. (Darren Kelly had volunteered to help us with
 5. Set up redirection pages in place of the old sites.

Does this seem like the appropriate list?
Who will coordinate the work?
Who can volunteer to help with the work?


BTW, for those that are curious: I believe that the definitions on the
wiki are *more* correct than those on the html or in cvs. 

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