[NeXus-committee] ACA and NIAC 2006 @ NOBUGS

Mark Koennecke Mark.Koennecke at psi.ch
Mon Jun 12 08:25:00 BST 2006

High everyone,

I wish to support Nicks point. We should really send someone to ACA. I 
cannot do it because  according to the last
news the July, 22 is the day SINQ is starting up... I tink one of our 
american committee members should go. What about
Thomas Proffen? He is a crystallographer. might go there anyway and 
certainly can justify to attend that conference?

The other point is NOBUGS 2006. There originally was a plan to have 
another NIAC meeting around NOBUGS. As we
europeans can save money if we book flights early, I think this should 
be sorted now. Is it going to happen and when?

                               Best Regards,

                                            Mark Koennecke

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