[NeXus-committee] NIAC meeting attendance

Peterson, Peter F. petersonpf at ornl.gov
Mon Sep 18 21:13:14 BST 2006

We still have not heard from many of you about the NIAC meeting early next month. Below is the list of officers that we know are coming. Please let Andy or me know if your status on this list is not correct.

    * Frederick Akeroyd
    * Stuart Campbell
    * Matthias Drochner
    * Nick Hauser
    * Andrew Götz
    * Pete Jemian
    * Przemek Klosowski
    * Mark Könnecke
    * Jiro Suzuki for Toshiya Otomo
    * Peter Peterson
    * Thomas Proffen
    * Nick Maliszewskyj
    * Stephen Cottrell
    * Emmanuel Farhi
    * Peter Link
    * Raymond Osborn, Argonne National Laboratory, USA

Peter Peterson

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