[NeXus-committee] NeXus definitions on the WIKI

Akeroyd, FA (Freddie) F.A.Akeroyd at rl.ac.uk
Wed Sep 27 15:11:23 BST 2006

I have written a MediaWiki extension to pull definitions out of CVS and
put them into WIKI pages; this would allow us to use the WIKI talk page
for discussion and keep all edits and changes consistent and versioned
in CVS. Currently the extension just includes the XML as is, but future
enhancements would be to also show e.g. a table or tree view.

To use the extension you just put one line on a page such as

    <nxformat file="NXroot.xml"></nxformat>

Will include NXroot.xml from CVS with all relevant characters escaped
onto the page at that point - see http://www.nexusformat.org/NXroot 
for an example. The "inst_definitions" CVS directory is searched as well
as "base_classes", so instrument definitions could be included by the
same mechanism. The WIKI synchronises with CVS every minute, so you
should see your edit on the page within that short time. 

I have not changed any other pages yet as I am out of time; what needs
doing in checking that the CVS versions (in the
doc/definitions/base_classes directory) are the most recent by comparing
them with what is currently on http://www.nexusformat.org and, probably,
the old swiki (http://www.nexus.anl.gov:8080/NeXus) and the old web site
(http://www.nexus.anl.gov/ ) too. If anybody has time to do this before
the NIAC I think it would be very useful



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