[NeXus-committee] NeXus definitions tidy up and versioning

Akeroyd, FA (Freddie) F.A.Akeroyd at rl.ac.uk
Fri Jan 19 12:18:13 GMT 2007

At the last NIAC it was decided that all versions of base class and
instrument definitions that existed prior to the NIAC would be called
version 1.0 and those ratified at the NIAC 2.0 I'm currently trying to
tidy up the site and implement this, but have come up with a few issues.

Base Classes

I believe all base classes are now in subversion and the subversion file
is referenced directly from the Wiki via the "nxformat" Mediawiki
extension. Were all base classes (implicitly) ratified at the NIAC and
should now be tagged at 2.0, or are some still at 1.0? If so, which
ones? A full list of XML files in subversion is available at:

BTW I have seen references to both NXcharacterizations and
NXcharacterization in instrument definitions
- I think a class name should always be the singular
- Also, didn't we agree on European spelling so it should actually be
renamed to NXcharacterisation ?

Instrument Definitions
http://www.nexusformat.org/Instruments has the definitions broken down
into ratified, proposed and planned. For those that are ratified, I will
tag what existed prior to ratification 1.0 and that after ratification
2.0. What should be done about the other definitions mentioned on the
page - nothing I guess for the moment?

I have a question/proposal with regard to definition naming ... I think
we should either drop the NX prefix entirely from definition names or
use another prefix e.g. NXDFN or NXDEF My reason is to avoid potential
confusion/conflict between instrument definitions and base classes. I
have added some instrument definitions to subversion, but will hold off
on the rest until after some discussion on the naming issue.

Finally, if there are any definitions/other content on either the old
Swiki (http://www.nexus.anl.gov:8080/NeXus) or the old web site
(http://www.nexus.anl.gov/) that is missing from the new nexusformat.org
site could you please let me know. It would be good to turn these sites
off soon as having multiple locations just leads to confusion. Also the
old Swiki seems to have been hacked and turned into an advert for
"online casino"...



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