[NeXus-committee] NeXus definitions tidy up and versioning

HAUSER, Nick nha at ansto.gov.au
Mon Jan 22 11:59:31 GMT 2007

Hi Freddie,

The resolutions as I put in my notes from the Berkeley meeting (not minuted)
1. All base classes are ratified
2. All base classes require 'housekeeping' (ACTION: technical subcommittee)
3. All base classes to be tagged 2.0 after housekeeping (ACTION: technical
4. All ratified instrument definitions to be tagged 2.0 i.e. NeXus version
include base classes and instrument definitions.

Removing NX prefix:
I second the proposal.
I would like to see the proposal extended to done before 2.0 is released.
I move that the naming proposal goes to vote and is incorporated in task #2

Website decommissioning:
I second the proposal and move that it goes to vote.

European spelling:
This is not minuted on the site. 
I agree it should be consistent. Note that udunits uses American spelling.  
The proposal could read, 
Language should be consistent, and use the w3c convention
http://www.w3.org/International/articles/language-tags/Overview.en.php e.g.
lang="en-US" or lang="en-GB". 
The default to be "en-US". 
Let's run a discussion then vote.

Bragg could help with the 'housekeeping' by programmatically generating
NeXus classes with validation to ensure consistency.



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> Subject: [NeXus-committee] NeXus definitions tidy up and versioning
> At the last NIAC it was decided that all versions of base 
> class and instrument definitions that existed prior to the 
> NIAC would be called version 1.0 and those ratified at the 
> NIAC 2.0 I'm currently trying to tidy up the site and 
> implement this, but have come up with a few issues.
> Base Classes
> ------------ 
> I believe all base classes are now in subversion and the 
> subversion file is referenced directly from the Wiki via the 
> "nxformat" Mediawiki extension. Were all base classes 
> (implicitly) ratified at the NIAC and should now be tagged at 
> 2.0, or are some still at 1.0? If so, which ones? A full list 
> of XML files in subversion is available at: 
> http://trac.nexusformat.org/definitions/browser/trunk/base_classes
> BTW I have seen references to both NXcharacterizations and 
> NXcharacterization in instrument definitions
> - I think a class name should always be the singular
> - Also, didn't we agree on European spelling so it should 
> actually be renamed to NXcharacterisation ?
> Instrument Definitions
> ----------------------
> http://www.nexusformat.org/Instruments has the definitions 
> broken down into ratified, proposed and planned. For those 
> that are ratified, I will tag what existed prior to 
> ratification 1.0 and that after ratification 2.0. What should 
> be done about the other definitions mentioned on the page - 
> nothing I guess for the moment?
> I have a question/proposal with regard to definition naming 
> ... I think we should either drop the NX prefix entirely from 
> definition names or use another prefix e.g. NXDFN or NXDEF My 
> reason is to avoid potential confusion/conflict between 
> instrument definitions and base classes. I have added some 
> instrument definitions to subversion, but will hold off on 
> the rest until after some discussion on the naming issue.
> Finally, if there are any definitions/other content on either 
> the old Swiki (http://www.nexus.anl.gov:8080/NeXus) or the 
> old web site
> (http://www.nexus.anl.gov/) that is missing from the new 
> nexusformat.org site could you please let me know. It would 
> be good to turn these sites off soon as having multiple 
> locations just leads to confusion. Also the old Swiki seems 
> to have been hacked and turned into an advert for "online casino"...
> Regards,
> Freddie
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