[NeXus-committee] Discussion: Housekeeping tasks and execution of tasks

Peterson, Peter F. petersonpf at ornl.gov
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Thank you for consolidating these tasks. I think that it would be more
useful (another task for housekeeping?) to migrate these tasks to be a
milestone on the trac site and generate these items as tickets on the

The introduction of trac (with milestones and tickets) provides a couple
of main functions:
 - Directed progress that can be done communally (annotation of tickets,
and new tickets on a milestone).
 - Context without needing to go through detailed change logs.
 - Discrete tasks for individuals.
Most of this is done by simply having a "bug tracking" system, but the
addition of milestones makes a big difference.

I've intended to create a roadmap for the "definitions" trac site for
some time. It will include your tasks as well. When I do I will announce
it to this mailing list. 


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Dear NIAC,

I have posted a discussion page to define the housekeeping tasks
pre-NeXus2.0 release

Your contribution to the discussion, and subsequent execution of the
is welcomed.


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