[NeXus-committee] Introduction in Docbook format

Ray Osborn rosborn at anl.gov
Thu Oct 28 16:58:18 BST 2010

I got no response to my rant last week about how unreadable the new Docbook version of the introduction is - not illegible, just very unpleasant to look at. I see that some of the non-printing characters seem to be okay now, but my complaint still remains.

Unless I hear any objections, I will revert the introduction back to old wiki form, which is much more attractive to read. I will try to update it with any changes in the text in the Docbook version. 

I am not suggesting that we abandon Docbook for the main documentation, but style matters. People who are coming to NeXus for the first time will want to see an introduction that is reasonably attractively formatted and pleasant to read. In the long term, does anyone who knows more about Docbook than me know if it is possible to attach stylesheets to the HTML output (and to the printed form), because that might be a longer term solution? Manuals don't have to look boring.

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