Ray Osborn ROsborn at anl.gov
Thu Jun 24 23:06:35 BST 1999

I've been working on a F90 interface to the NeXus API, including some 
utility extensions.  I needed to use NXgetgroupID, but found its current
form puzzling.  At the moment, it returns the tag and Vgroup ID number
rather than the Vgroup's tag/reference pair.  The Vgroup ID number will not
be unique, but will change every time a group is closed and reopened,
whereas the tag/reference pair uniquely identifies the group.

Is this what was intended?  I would find it extremely useful if the code in
NAPI.C were changed to

  NXgetgroupID (NXhandle fileid, NXlink* sRes)
    pNexusFile pFile;

    pFile = NXIassert (fileid);

    if (pFile->iCurrentVG == 0) {
      sRes->iTag = NX_ERROR;
      return NX_ERROR;
    } else {
      sRes->iTag = DFTAG_VG;
      sRes->iRef = VQueryref(pFile->iCurrentVG);
      return NX_OK;
    /* not reached */
    sRes->iTag = NX_ERROR;
    return NX_ERROR;

At the moment, the above contains

      sRes->iRef = pFile->iCurrentVG;

Does anyone have any objections to making this change?  I've checked that
the change works for what I need it to do.  It also seems much more logical
to me.

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