NXgetgroupID reminder

Ray Osborn ROsborn at anl.gov
Tue Jun 29 21:11:04 BST 1999

Has anyone else had a chance to check into my concern about NXgetgroupID and
NXmakelink?  I've had one response agreeing that it's probably a bug, but I
don't have access to the NAPI CVS so I need a consensus of the others to get
the change made.

I'm requesting that NXmakelink be changed so that

    Vaddtagref (pFile->iCurrentVG, sLink->iTag, sLink->iRef);

is used for both SDSs and Vgroups and that NXgetgroupID is changed so that
the line

      sRes->iRef = VQueryref(pFile->iCurrentVG);

returns the tag/ref pair, rather than the Vgroup ID.

If this really is a bug, we should correct it as soon as possible.

I would also like NXIKillDir and NXIKillAttDir declared as "extern" rather
than "static", because I need to be able to reset the NXgetnextentry and
NXgetnextattr searches from within the F90 interface.  Are there any
problems with doing that?  I guess we also need to add name mangles and
function prototypes to napi.h in order to make them externally visible.  My
C is still too flaky to know about these things.

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