Fortran 77 Interface

Freddie Akeroyd faa at
Mon Sep 20 09:08:06 BST 1999

I haven't looked at CFORTRAN for a while, but from what i recall it
provides you with a way of interfacing FORTRAN and C provided you know
the types of all arguments passed ... our problem is that we are trying to
write a FORTRAN function that can take either a numerical type or a
string, and i don't think it covers this


 On Mon, 20 Sep 1999, Mark Koennecke wrote:
>   High,
>   I think Przemek has made a good point: interfacing C and F77 is always
>   compiler and OS dependent. Perhaps we should look more closely into the
>   cfortan package which has been devised for solving just this problem for
>   a lot of systems?
>               Mark 

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