Checking latest version

Ray Osborn ROsborn at
Mon Sep 27 14:29:32 BST 1999

As you will be aware, I've updated the F77 interface following our debate 
about including separate character routines.  I've also put in the expanded
test programs: napi_test.c, napif_test.f and NXtest.f90.  These test the
reading and writing of slabs, in addition to expanding the number of data
types tested.  In order to check that the different interfaces produce
compatible files, I've also produced napi_test_read.c, which only reads the
test file NXtest.nxs, whether produced by any of the above languages.  In my
tests under Alpha/VMS, all three versions produce identical files (allowing
for the reversal of the order of dimensions in C and Fortran).
README.FORTRAN tells you what the output should be.

If you have access to different Fortran compilers, please do your own
checks.  I intend to do a couple more updates to the README files, and then
we should tag this release (as 1.2.0?).

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