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Ray Osborn ROsborn at
Wed Aug 30 17:13:39 BST 2000

on 2000/8/30 2:43 PM, Nick Maliszewskyj at nickm at wrote:

> As someone who's built a few RPMs I can stand in for the
> Red Hat side.
> Nick
> "Moreton-Smith, CM (Christopher)" wrote:
>> I'm happy to stand in for Freddie regards CVS and installation issues as
>> these are fairly familiar territory.
>> One temptation is to throw into the discussion the issue of whether to
>> provide better (more end user focussed) per platform binary installation
>> facilities AKA Red Hat Package manager or InstallShield type setups.
>> Is there anyone who has built an RPM package installation who could act as
>> expert on this?
>> best regards
>> Chris

Hi Nick,
Thanks for the offer.  Does that mean both you and Przemek are coming?  That
would be great.  Please contact Maria Heinig <MHeinig at> as soon as
possible to confirm it if you are.  It's probably more urgent for Przemek
since I assume he's still not a US citizen.  They like to have a week to get
the site visit authorized for non-US citizens (DOE has tightened up its
security following the Wen-Ho Lee saga, even for non-weapons labs like

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