[Nexus-developers] CVS update: NeXus

NeXus nexus at sutekh.nd.rl.ac.uk
Tue Aug 20 20:13:32 BST 2002

Date:	Tuesday August 20, 2002 @ 20:13
Author:	nexus

Update of /usr/local/REPOSITORY/NeXus
In directory sutekh:/cluster/members/member0/tmp/cvs-serv273284

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Correction of problem with recursive use of NXgetnextentry
- moved iCurrentIDX into iStack5 struct
- removed iCurrentA_IDX since we can use iCurrentIDX in iAtt5
- initialized iCurrentIDX to 0 in NXI5KillDir and NXI5KillAttDir
- removed setting of iCurrentIDX to 0 in NX5opengroup since NXI5KillDir is called
- moved NXI5KillDir to before decrement of iStackPtr in NX5closegroup
- used new index variables in NXgetnextentry and NXgetnextattr
- corrected some minor spelling mistakes in error messages

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