[Nexus-developers] CVS update: NeXus/nxswig

NeXus nexus at sutekh.nd.rl.ac.uk
Fri Mar 28 15:37:19 GMT 2003

Date:	Friday March 28, 2003 @ 15:37
Author:	nexus

Update of /usr/local/REPOSITORY/NeXus/nxswig
In directory sutekh:/cluster/members/member0/tmp/cvs-serv173409/nxswig

Added Files:
	Makefile README asciidblib.scm nxdataset.c nxdataset.h 
	nxdataset.i nxdstest.tcl nxexam.tcl nxinter.i nxinter.tex 
	nxinterhelper.c nxinterhelper.h nxintertest.tcl nxtest.scm 
Log Message:
- Fixed a bug which caused foreign HDF-5's not to be read properly
- Fixed a bug in NXgetnextentry which prevented reinitialising searches
  and nested searches.
- Adapted the jnexus stuff to NAPI-2.0
- Added the swig interface to NeXus to the source tree

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