[Nexus-developers] Re: NXopenpath, autoconf

Mark Koennecke Mark.Koennecke at psi.ch
Fri Apr 30 14:29:01 BST 2004


  I finally committed my implementation of NXopenpath. NXopenpath does
  absolute and relative path strings. It only works when the path iexists. 
  I implemented it on top of the normal NeXus API in napi.c. The
  implementation relies on the subtle fact that 
  NXgetgroupID returns NX_ERROR when at root level of the NeXus file.
  As this is a (useful) feauture extension, I incremented the version
  number to 2.1.

  Now, the autoconf stuff. It simply does not work for me. First I had
  to install all the newest autotools to get going at all. Then
  autogen.sh created a lot of error messages about libtool. I got around
  this by pasting the contents of libtool.m4 into acinclude.m4. I found
  this idea on the WWW. Then I got a configure script.

  My suggestion: common usage is to include the configure script, we
  should do the same.

  The configure script processed without further errors. But compiling did 
  not work: it complained about a file libNexus.la missing. I then
  proceeded to compile the test program manually. 

  This is against both Tru64Unix 5.1 and Redhat 7.3. I built the configure
  script on the latter.

  Can someone please put the manualy edited Makefiles back until this
  autoconf stuff works properly? 

				Best Regards,



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