[Nexus-developers] pkg-config and NeXus

Jens Krüger Jens.Krueger at frm2.tum.de
Thu May 13 07:35:23 BST 2004

Hi Peter,

I put the nexus.pc.in file into the CVS and NeXus distribution. My idea is, let's 
use the well known and often used tools on the different platforms for the configuration
of software using NeXus. The more people want to use NeXus the more  questions
are: What is the way to find out the right flags (including the right libraries) for compiling 
and linking the NeXuS into the different projects. One way is the use of pkg-config.

As you know pkg-config (http://pkgconfig.sourceforge.net) may to be used for getting 
information of installed software. 

Additionally I plan to create some macros for the autotools which simplify the determination
of the setup of the NeXus and HDF installation of the system. Why that? If some software 
using the NeXuS may support the autotools in a simple way. You have only to put these 
macros into your configure.ac script and the resulting configure script will check the NeXuS
and HDF installation. 

The pkg-config is independent from these macros, but the macros will use the pkg-config 
system if it is in use on the system.

Am Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2004 16:03 schrieb Peterson, Peter F.:
> This morning I saw that there has been several cvs checkins, some of which
> mention pkg-config. Does this mean that there is now support for pkg-config
> in the install process? If so, would one of the people that added it
> (Jens?) add documenation about it in the readme. I'm guessing that it is
> just mentioning the "--libs" and "--cflags" parts of pkg-config.

You are right, that nxbuild may go away in the future.

> I assume that this also means that "nxbuild" will also go away.
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