[Nexus-developers] Mac OS X tested

Peterson, Peter F. petersonpf at ornl.gov
Tue Jun 15 16:07:20 BST 2004

Freddie or Jens should correct me if I'm wrong.

The tarball is basically the CVS distribution after autogen.sh is run and with the contrib directory removed. This means that the person compiling it does not need autotools, but does need automake. Short answer: slightly more portable than CVS version b/c of less requirements to build.


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> Ray,
> It is my understanding that only people building directly out of CVS will need
> to run 'autogen.sh'. People that download the tarball from the website (not
> CVS) will do the normal dance of './configure;make;make test;make install'.
> Also, the binary distributions will sidestep this issue.
> P^2

Thanks Peter,
That triggered something in my memory about running 'make dist' to create a
distribution.  That did indeed create nexus-2.1.0.tar.gz, from which I was
able to do a complete installation.  I can obviously add that to the FTP and
HTTP server when we make the release.  Will the resulting distribution be
completely portable, i.e., as portable as the original CVS tarball?

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