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Pete Jemian prjemian at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 15:28:46 GMT 2011


Confirmed that NXfillin is not an NXDL in the NeXus definitions SVN 
repository.  Check your local installation.

The table representation of the base classes seems to work ~Ok.  The 
table view is less useful for application and contributed definitions 
because of all the subtables.  Presentation of XML code (either original 
NXDL or converted) in the manual to describe NXDL specifications does 
not seem quite right, though.  The indented, hierarchical representation 
for data files falls short as well since there is no easy way to deliver 
the documentation found in the NXDL.

Running nxdlformat as a preliminary step before building the PDF is not 
a problem.  Is it really the way we want to go?  This needs more input 
before we decide this change.  Mark, perhaps you can post nxdlformat 
output from a base class (such as NXdata's NXDL) on a wiki page so we 
can see it as generated from your system?


On 2/1/2011 8:48 AM, Mark Koennecke wrote:
> Hi,
> attacking ticket #174 I had a good look at the NeXus classes section in
> the reference manual.
> Most of this is autogenerated. The section on the NeXus base classes is
> OK. I have some
> issues with the application definition section:
> - NXfillin has to go. It is indeed only a template and just confuses
> people.
> - I find the presentation of the application definitions in tables as
> suboptimal. I would
> rather have this replaced by the output from nxdlformat. How does
> everyone else feel?
> Pete, how difficult will it be to run nxdlformat before inclusion into
> the manual?
> I am also pondering if we should not do a first step towards OO-NeXus
> for beamline
> components. This by introducing a common base class in which we keep
> things like
> rotation_angle, polar_angle, distance, geometry:NXgeometry etc. which
> can occur in anything which happens to be in the beamline. Any opinions?
> Best Regards,
> Mark
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