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Pete R. Jemian jemian at anl.gov
Mon Feb 20 17:07:05 GMT 2012

I like this.

On 2/20/2012 10:54 AM, "V. Armando Solé" wrote:
> """
> 2. Store your data in a simplified hierarchy using NXentry and
> NXcollection groups. Apply a lot of
> freedom how you do this.
> """
> NXentry mandatory.
> NXcollection for anything not dealt with by other NXclass.
> If you want to describe your beamline, then there is a group
> (NXinstrument) for that. I would not write it into an NXcollection.
> Personally I like how ALBA is generating Nexus files.

This is actually a good model for the EPICS areaDetector, NeXus file 
plugin, to use.  So, the basic structure I have been recommending is:

    NXentry (required)
      NXdata (required)
        data : contains the image
      NXcollection (optional)
        user-supplied list of uncategorized metadata
      NXinstrument (optional)
        metadata organized as defined in the NeXus dictionary

links may be used to avoid replicating information, if that is important

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