[Nexus-developers] Farewell and contact info

Zikovsky, Janik L. zikovskyjl at ornl.gov
Thu May 24 19:37:40 BST 2012

Hello everyone,

Since this is my last day I wanted to give you all my contact information so we can stay in touch... Email me at jzikovsky at hotmail.com ; cell phone is 865-964-2116 ; and if you have a LinkedIn account I'd like to add you too.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch, ask questions, or just chat! I might not have much time for the first couple of months but I'll try to answer ASAP. And Mantid is open source so I can even continue contributing (a little :) )!

For snail mail I will put a forward on my current address:

1137 Snyder Ridge Ln
Knoxville, TN, 37932.

Thanks a lot - it was a pleasure and an awesome learning experience. I'll miss all of you - and you are all welcome to crash at my place (when I have one) if you visit New York City!


Janik Zikovsky

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