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Dear NeXus people,

	please find attached a short note on the NeXus format we are using for the
TOF neutron Protein Crystallography station being built at LANSCE. I'm
passing it to you for comments in the spirit of trying to conform to the
NeXus standard, sharing ideas on <Instrument definitions> and sharing
example NeXus files. The note is intented for a broader audience so you'll
probably want to skip the introduction and go to the section on class

In particular I hope that two classes, NXaxis and NXgoniometer, can be
adopted as standards. I also hope that the present NXdetector and NXsample
standard classes can be expanded to accomodate the ones I've used. 

Although the uncompressed data files are ~0.8Gb, I have an example file
(smaller data arrays) of real data which is ~2Mb uncompressed. This you can
view using the usual Fortner browser. You can also display and do some
initial processing using LAMP, which Didier Richard (ILL)has tested with
this data.
Let me know if you'd like me to send you the NeXus file. 
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