Newbie question

Sebastian Huber sebastian-huber at
Fri Nov 16 18:40:10 GMT 2001

I have the following data set:
	1 float32 time value
	8 float32 temperature values

I don't know if I understood the axis and primary concept.
So my idea is to create the NXdate entries in this way:
		label = time
		unit = second
		axis = 1

		label = temperature 1..8
		unit = kelvin
		axis = 2
		primary = 1..8

The next problem is that this data set will arive every 1 to 60 seconds.
Do I have to create a NXdata entry with a fixed capacity of n elements
or can I expand the capacity up to n + m elements without a modification
of the first n elements.
But this is not all, I need the data immediately because another application 
will read the file continously and display the content on a GUI. But I 
suppose this will not work because I cannot figure out which of my n elements 
contain useful values.

Thacks in advance

Sebastian Huber

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