[Nexus] NeXus Swiki

Ray Osborn ROsborn at anl.gov
Sun Dec 15 23:40:26 GMT 2002

An idea discussed at the recent NOBUGS meeting was that we set up a web
forum to allow those interested in NeXus to contribute to the development of
the XML files, documentation, and other aspects of the NeXus format.  In
particular, Jason Hodges suggested that we set up a NeXus Swiki.  This is an
implementation of a WikiWikiWeb, which is a web site where visitors can edit
the pages themselves directly from the browser.  Although it seems a risky
idea, it seems to work well in practice and it is an ideal tool to let a
number of people collaborate informally.

I am happy to report that the forum is now running and open for business,
with thanks to Greg Johnson for letting me experiment first on his web site.
You will find the NeXus Swiki at


Please visit it, read the guidelines, and, if you have something
constructive to contribute, go ahead.  The Help page contains a very useful
introduction to how a Swiki works.

This is a sociological experiment.  Although this mailing list is usually
very quiet, there is a lot of NeXus development going on at different
facilities.  I am hoping that people will feel less inhibited about sharing
some of that work in the informal and less intrusive setting that a Swiki
provides.  If you want to add a tag to an XML file, go ahead and do it.  If
you have a proposed instrument definition, just add a new page.  Everyone is
invited to contribute.  Usually, there will be a text box at the bottom of
each page if you just want to post a comment, so threaded discussions are

It will be up to the NeXus Advisory Committee to review the changes proposed
on the Swiki and formally ratify those it supports.  The Swiki is a place to
brainstorm until those decisions are made.

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