[Nexus] Problems with NXgetnextentry

Simmonds Paul simmonds at ill.fr
Wed May 28 15:10:45 BST 2003

Mark Koennecke wrote:

>   If you come up with something nice please make it public.

No problem with that.

> > In the hierarchy, though I find a group named with what was (I assume)
> > the original filename, with a class of "CDF0.0". In each of the files I
> > have tried, I found a few levels under that a group of class "UNKNOWN".
> > The API doesn't know how to open this, so an error is returned. I haven't
> > found a reference to these class types anywhere.
> >
>    Ignore that CDF0.0. It has nothing to do with NeXus. It is an internal
>    thing of HDF, if I'am not mistaken HDF keeps dimension attributes in
>    there. It is wise to leave that one alone.

I thought it probably had some internal use, thanks for the clarification.

Paul Simmonds

>                                 Mark Koennecke

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