[NeXus-committee] Current facility support for NeXus

Akeroyd, FA (Freddie) freddie.akeroyd at stfc.ac.uk
Fri Jun 12 18:06:01 BST 2009

The NeXus web site lists under
http://www.nexusformat.org/History#Current_Status facilities that
currently, or plan to, support the NeXus data format. The information on
this list is several years out of date and, I believe, hidden away in
the wrong place. 


I have generated a new page at  http://www.nexusformat.org/Facilities
which I propose be linked more prominently from the front page. I have
not copied over anything from the old list to this page and would be
grateful if you could add entries for your facilities/organisations to
the new page.  The sort of information to add is:

-          If you are not currently using NeXus, if, how and when you
plan to adopt it

-          If you are using NeXus, how widespread is the current
adoption and what are your plans for the future (e.g. all new
instruments will be NeXus) 







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