[NeXus-committee] data array orientation

Benjamin Watts benjamin.watts at psi.ch
Thu Apr 26 15:51:03 BST 2018

Hi Everyone,
    When writing an image to an array, there is the age-old question of 
whether the first array element corresponds to the top-left pixel, or 
the bottom-left pixel of the image. Is there any convention in NeXus 
about which to use, or an attribute to specify? I don't find anything 
specific in the documentation. This has become an issue for me because I 
have been following one image orientation convention and another 
beamline has followed the other and now a user wants a switch in the 
data analysis software to flip the image. I would assuming that the 
first data element corresponds to the first element of each axis array 
and so the image orientation could be detected by looking at whether the 
values in the sample_y array were increasing or decreasing in value. But 
perhaps I am missing something?


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