[NeXus-committee] Upcoming NIAC and Code Camp

Tobias Richter Tobias.Richter at esss.se
Mon Jul 9 16:38:22 BST 2018

Dear NeXus committee members,

The NIAC meetings (NeXus decision making) are traditionally mostly coupled to NOBUGS conferences. Code Camps have become a frequent satellite to NIAC meetings to prepare decisions or implement them. This year organising NOBUGS is a bit of a prolonged process. The current best guess it that it may happen in Brookhaven in the week from 22nd to 26th October 2018.

You would help our preparations for the NeXus meetings by answering some questions (publicly or privately, I'll summarise both).

Are you intending to come to a 2018 NIAC?
Would you like to have the NIAC meeting associated with this event?
Would you we willing to attend this on the weekend? Any other preference for the dates?
Do you think we need 1 or 2 days for the NIAC meeting?
(We have 7 issues in the backlog currently https://github.com/nexusformat/NIAC/issues and need to elect new officers)

Code Camp
Would you be interested to attend a code camp to help improve NeXus?
What to you propose to work on (prepare NIAC, implement or document existing decisions, code, etc)?
How many days would you be willing to commit? Any exclusion times before or after NOBUGS?

We would like to have as full a representation as possible, so please indicate what would make you attend either event. (Is shorter or longer better?)

Best wishes,

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