[Nexus] nxvalidate example.zip file; NXplot

Jeff Teeters jteeters at berkeley.edu
Wed Mar 6 00:49:03 GMT 2013

I'm trying to learn about the NeXus Format because I think some of it's
features may be useful for a project I'm working on, which is to help
develop a standard for sharing neuroscience data.

I've installed NeXus on Linux from a recent source, file is:

Now I'm trying to get the various utilities working, which are documented

There are two validation utilities described in the documentation: a
command line tool (nxvalidate) and a Java GUI program (NXvalidate).

After doing the installation, I found the following utilities in
nexpy  nexus-config  nxbrowse  nxbuild  nxconvert  nxdiff  nxdir  nxingest
nxsummary  nxtranslate  nxtraverse  nxvalidate

The only validation utility is named "nxvalidate" (all lower case), but
it's a Java GUI application, not a command line utility as the
documentation states.

When I run nxvalidate, inside the GUI, there is a Help menu which includes
the following page:

That page states that there is a download available, "example.zip", which
contains an example that can be used with NXvalidate.  However, I was not
able to find the example.zip file at the location which is referenced:

Question 1) Is there another location where this example.zip file is
available, or are there some other sample files that can be downloaded and
used with with the utilities?

Question 2) The page documenting the utilities also mentions a utility
named "NXplot".  I did not find that in the /usr/local/bin.  Is it, or a
replacement, available?


One thing I noticed while doing the installation:  The README file inside
the source download directory states:  "2) At present it is necessary to
run the autogen shell script to produce the correct configure file.
   sh autogen.sh"

But there is no "autogen.sh" file in the directory.  I assumed that this
was an error in the README file, since the autogen.sh file was missing and
the installation seemed to work OK without that step.
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