[Nexus] NXdata for an "10-channel" high resolution detector

Mark Koennecke Mark.Koennecke at psi.ch
Mon Jun 10 15:52:30 BST 2013


On 06/10/2013 04:20 PM, Wintersberger, Eugen wrote:
> Hi folks
>    I have a question concerning NXdata. We are currently starting with
> Nexus at our beamlines here at DESY. P02 - a powder diffraction beamline
> - will be the first one to use Nexus.
> They have a kind of 10-channel detector which is in reality a curved
> detector consisting of 10 individual point detectors each having an
> analyzer in front of them. The angular offset between the detectors is
> about 1 degree. We store each individual detector in a separate
> NXdetector group. The full scan data can be obtained by concatenating
> the data and polar_angle fields of each of the 10 detectors.
> The question is now: what should go to the NXdata group? Can I have 10
> individual pairs of of data/(variable or x??) in a single NXdata group
> or do I have to create 10 individual NXdata groups?
> regards
>    Eugen
The plot you want from a  powder diffractometer is polar_angle versus 
Thus I would concatenate in the DAQ software and store that in NXdata. 
If you
have concerns about the concatenation done in the DAQ you can still go 
back to
the individual detectors. You may also wish to store the concatenated 
data as a
virtual NXdetector to make the relationship crystal clear.



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