[Nexus] Linux OS poll

Jiro SUZUKI jiro.suzuki at j-parc.jp
Fri Sep 27 01:05:22 BST 2013

Facility: J-PARC / MLF
Current Linux: Scientific Linux 6, Ubuntu 12.04-LTS
SwitchTo: no plan

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>Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 12:02:41 +0200
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>Subject: [Nexus] Linux OS poll  
>To: <nexus at nexusformat.org>, Heiner Billich <Heiner.Billich at psi.ch>
>Hi folks
>  For testing purposes I would like to know which Linux distributions
>you are currently using at your facilities and if you are planning to
>change to a different Linux distribution. 
>Could you please reply to this mail answering the following questions:
>Current Linux Distribution: 
>If you are happy with what you have that's it already. If you are
>planning to change the Distribution
>Planning to switch to: 
>Why you want to change your distribution: 
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