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Just a quick comment on this. The single colon-delimited string used to be the only way to define a list of axes, partly because attribute arrays were not available in HDF4. It is now deprecated in favor of an array of strings; I don’t think the standard specifies using variable-length strings or fixed-length string arrays. NeXpy needs to be able to read much older NeXus files, so it will read both, but only writes attribute arrays.

This is an example of the kind of cruft that any reasonably long-lived standard accumulates.


On Jan 11, 2018, at 3:22 AM, V. Armando Solé <sole at esrf.fr<mailto:sole at esrf.fr>> wrote:

An additional question.

The axes attribute, is it a single string with dataset names separated
by colons  (",") or is it an array of strings? I had always understood
the former but my colleagues understand the later. I would appreciate
clarification there too because in the documentation pages I do not see
the typical [n] used to specify one is dealing with arrays and because
of that (and because for some computing languages variable length string
arrays are a problem) I was expecting a single string.



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