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Because of all that and even more, in my ESRF proposal the NXprocess group also contains the configuration used by the analysis program with the goal of having full provenance. Nobody limits the number of NXprocess groups in a NeXus file and one can have as many as desired corresponding to different configurations and so on.

Please note that nothing of my proposal as it is brakes "NeXus" rules. NXcollection and NXdata groups are allowed everywhere except at root level. So there is no "modification" of NXprocess required.

The only thing needed to have the solution fully compliant with NeXus is to allow multiple signals.

But you haven’t explained why you need multiple signals. If it’s to store the fit with the raw data, then you will also probably need multiple axes, since fitted functions are normally calculated at many more points than the raw data. How would you handle that? And do you propose to store a copy of the fields within the NXentry raw NXdata group?

Before we can make meaningful comments, you have to give an explicit example. Show us exactly the fields and attributes you think you need, in the way that I have shown my examples in the Github issue, and explain why you need them. You keep on denying that you mean what both Ben and I have inferred you to mean, but until we see your example, it’s impossible to tell.

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