[Nexus] Release of NeXpy v0.10.10 and nexusformat v0.4.17

V. Armando Solé sole at esrf.fr
Tue Jan 30 15:23:23 GMT 2018

On 30/01/2018 16:14, Osborn, Raymond wrote:
> The ‘nxvalue’ property is what is returned when accessing the
> attribute dictionary, but the ‘nxdata’ property can be accessed using
> the ‘get’ method of the attribute dictionary. In the file recently
> posted by Armando Solé:
> >>> xanes['202.1/plotselect'].attrs.get('auxiliary_signals').nxdata
> array([b'xmap_nika00', b'xmap_nika01', b'xmap_nika02', b'xmap_nika03',
>        b'xmap_nika04', b'xmap_nika07'], 
>       dtype='|S11')
> >>> xanes['202.1/plotselect'].attrs['auxiliary_signals']
> ['xmap_nika00',
>  'xmap_nika01',
>  'xmap_nika02',
>  'xmap_nika03',
>  'xmap_nika04',
>  'xmap_nika07']

Following your indications (Thanks Ray!) we have corrected that at our
side to make sure we respect the NX_CHAR type:

NX_CHAR: any string representation
                   All strings are to be encoded in UTF-8.
                   Includes fixed-length strings, variable-length
strings, and string arrays.
                   Some file writers write strings as a string array of
rank 1 and length 1. Clients should be prepared to handle such strings.

Unfortunately the error is so common that readers quite often need to
handle both.


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