[Nexus] NeXus at your facility / NIAC meeting

steve.collins at diamond.ac.uk steve.collins at diamond.ac.uk
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Hi Tobias et al,

We reviewed this at Diamond last year and plan to do so again in the coming weeks. We have three levels of adoption: (1) writing hdf5 files that vaguely adhere to the NeXus structure, (2) writing validated NeXus files and (3) taking full advantage of the rich features of NeXus for automatic work-flows. Most of our beamline are in category (1) but this is very much work in progress.

Mark Basham is on the NIAC. I am also interested in participating although more from a scientific than technical aspect. Would this make sense?

Steve Collins (Diamond Light Source)

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Dear all,

It would be nice to know the status of NeXus adoption at your facility.

The page we have for this on the NeXus web page is getting tremendously outdated: https://www.nexusformat.org/Facilities.html
An update via email to me or a simple pull request page can fix this for your facility (new entries obviously welcome as well): https://github.com/nexusformat/wiki/blob/master/content/Facilities.md

The idea is not just to collect glowing success stories. We have a NeXus Committee meeting coming up and can put any stumbling blocks in your adoption of NeXus on the agenda: https://www.nexusformat.org/NIAC2018.html

If your facility is not (yet) represented in the NIAC, please get in touch. The process for joining is simple enough: https://www.nexusformat.org/NIAC.html

Best wishes,
(outgoing chair of NIAC)

European Spallation Source, Lund, Sweden

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