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Brian Tieman tieman at
Fri Feb 25 19:58:03 GMT 2000

I too have noticed both these observations under Win32.  The first
(picking the correct calling convention) was in 1.3.0 as well.  I don't
remember if it occured before that.  I see it when using either MSVC++
or CBuilder.  Maybe the default convention is for the GNU compiler?

> One other thing related to my ignorance of programming. I could not
> use the 1.3.1 API untill I had edited the header file to select the
> appropriate calling convention for my PC (winNT C++)
> #       define MANGLE(__arg)CONCAT(__arg,_)
> Is this because I'm not using the API correctly or just becuase I
> didn't read the installation note properly?

As for the problem with the fortner browser, I've never gotten it to
crash, but if there are a large number of groups, it can take a very
long time to forever to open the file.  This has actually scared some
people in my group away from Nexus because they think the long time it
can take the browser to open files is a sign of how slow HDF is as a
file system.  I've only seen these long file read times with the fortner
browser, however.  My homebrew code reads and writes files as fast as
can be expected.

> And while I have your attention, my Fortner Browser crasheswhen I try
> to browse files with many compressed SDS's. Has anyone else found
> this?

Brian Tieman
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