Free NeXus Explorer Editor for NeXus files (Beta release)

Moreton-Smith, CM (Christopher) C.M.Moreton-Smith at
Thu Jul 27 09:27:13 BST 2000

For the last year we have had a student at ISIS, Albert Chen, who has been
working on a project to develop an Editor/browser which can both read and
write NeXus files.

It is now at the point where I think it may be of general use for those
looking at defining and editing NeXus files. It is possible to open a file,
move items around, merge files and rename elements in them.  It is also able
to save NeXus files in XML for validation although the format of the XML
output is experimental.

The browser is also capable of doing one or two-D data plots from arrays
within a NeXus tree.  Currently, these are done using IDL but the browser
will work fine for looking at NeXus files without this (we can supply IDL
runtime licenses free of charge if anyone would like to try this facility

The kit is available at:

The current version works on Windows98/NT and W2K and is written in Visual
Basic for convenience but we are keeping the browser code Open Source so I
have included the Visual basic projects for the GUI, it would also be nice
to get the code cross platform by adding a TCL and/or Java GUI - any offers?
(the body of the browser relies on the Open GENIE data I/O routines which
are already cross platform).

Any comments/suggestions woud be most welcome, probably best to mail them to

	genie at

rather than to Albert directly.


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