[Nexus] nexus classes implemented?

Timothy Kelley tkelley at caltech.edu
Thu Jul 22 18:29:00 BST 2004

Hello nexus people,

We need classes in C++ and Python that represent detectors, pixels, etc. 
Naturally, we'd like these classes to follow nexus as closely as 
possible. Has anybody implemented nexus classes in C++ or Python? If so, 
can I look at what you've done to see if it meets our needs? If not, 
have you thought about the problem and ways to approach it? I put a new 
page on the nexus wiki:


Please feel free to post any thoughts, from the simplest request to a 
fully functional solution, at that spot. (If I missed the page with huge 
flashing lights on this topic, apply e-dope-slap).

Thank you,
Tim Kelley

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