[Nexus] NIAC meeting agenda

Ray Osborn rosborn at anl.gov
Wed Oct 13 17:37:09 BST 2004

The draft agenda of next week's NIAC meeting is now on the web at
<http://www.neutron.anl.gov:8080/NeXus/81>.  If you have any suggestions for
additional discussion items, or wish to comment on the existing ones, please
add them to the Swiki.

Additional topics can be suggested by posting a comment at the bottom of the
agenda.  If an agenda sub-item is already linked to another page, visit that
page to make any comments.  If there is no link, and you wish to comment, be
careful to follow the instructions for creating links (under "Editing
Rules") at <http://www.neutron.anl.gov:8080/NeXus/help>.

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