[Nexus] NXmonitor data

Hammonds, John P. jphammonds at anl.gov
Mon Dec 13 16:30:35 GMT 2004

I have been looking at NeXus classes more closely and have a question on
NXmonitor.  I have gone through the history on the swiki and have not
found any other discussion on this.  It seems that there was a lot of
discussion on the similarity of NXmonitor and NXdata.  In NXmonitor
<data> is defined with type =NX_INT[:] while with NXdata it is defined
as NX_FLOAT[:]|NX_INT[:].  Is there a good reason for this difference or
should NXmonitor be expanded to allow both floats and ints.




John Hammonds

Data Acquisition Systems Manager

Intense Pulsed Neutron Source

JPHammonds at anl.gov



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