[Nexus] large Nexus files

Campbell, Branton branton_campbell at byu.edu
Tue Jul 18 05:39:43 BST 2006

Using NXputslab to reference a single voxel seems easy enough.  Thanks.

If I further want to simultaneously create and write two very large
arrays into separate Nexus data items within the same group, can I have
more than one data item open at a time?  My interpretation of the API
documentation suggests that the answer is "NO".


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> Branton,
> The way to do this is by creating the SDS (NXmakedata), then making
> several calls to NXputslab which don't need to be in any order.
> Remember, a single number is a "rectangular slab", however
> The assumption made is that you know the total size of the SDS upon
> starting.
> P^2
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> Dear Nexus users,
> Suppose that I have a large (much bigger than computer memory) 3D
> that I must create and write to a single Nexus dataset.  Also assume
> that I must compute the array values in an apparently random order.
> Have the Nexus developers envisioned an efficient way to use the Nexus
> API routines to write these elements in random order (i.e. not in nice
> rectangular slabs)?  In the past, I have used direct-access files for
> this purpose.
> Of course, I would be better off sticking to arrays that fit in
> But I envision situations where this will not be possible (thousands
> 8MB images used to reconstruct large contiguous volumes of reciprocal
> space), and where it will be very expensive to break the output array
> into slabs and calculate them one at a time.
> Best wishes,
> Branton
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