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Yes to both



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It took a long time coming but I now received a letter of support for David Maennicke to represent ANSTO in the NIAC. I think we agree that we do not need a letter of support for Herbert Bernstein as a representative of CIF.
Thus I put these two NIAC membership term extensions up for a vote:

Vote on extending Herbert Bernsteins membership in the NIAC as representative of CIF

[] Yes
[] No
[] Abstain

Vote on extending David Maennickes membership in the NIAC as representative for ANSTO ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

[] Yes
[] No
[] Abstain

With the usual two weeks voting period I expect all votes to be in by Friday, March 11 2016

Best Regards,

    Mark Könnecke

    as NIAC secertary

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