[NeXus-committee] Beam position monitors

Eugen Wintersberger eugen.wintersberger at desy.de
Tue Nov 15 09:23:24 GMT 2016

Hi folks,
  I have currently a request for storing data from a beam position
monitor within a NeXus file.
As we currently have no base class to store such data and beam position
monitors are rather common
I made a small draft for a new base class NXbpm (see the attached PDF). 
It is currently in a very early stage. I guess the best approach would
be that we try this at
DESY and discuss this during the next NIAC meeting in two years. 

Can you guys please have a look on the draft and let me know if there
are some things I have missed 
or if you have some good ideas about items to add or do differently?

best regards

Dr. Eugen Wintersberger 
Notkestr. 85                        
D-22607 Hamburg                 
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